Enhance IoT and 5G Experience Through FPGA Data Acceleration

Enhance IoT and 5G Experience Through FPGA Data Acceleration


Worldwide data is forecasted to grow exponentially to 175ZB over the next 4 years with over 30 billion IoT connected devices being a significant contributor to data growth. 5G technology enables this growth by allowing data to move through the network faster and with substantially less latency.

Today, new data acceleration architectures based upon GPU, FPGA and ASICs augment traditional CPU-based systems offering higher performance, lower power and flexible processing capabilities for networking and storage workloads. Compared to CPU and GPU based architectures, FPGA and embedded FPGA IP (eFPGA IP)-based systems provide the right blend of speed, low latency and flexibility to address use cases in both the core data center and at the edge of the network.

In this webinar you’ll learn how FPGA and eFPGA IP will power the next generation of IoT and 5G applications and how you can immediately benefit from the technology today.



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Tom Spencer, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing at Achronix 

Tom Spencer is a seasoned marketing and business development executive with 27 years of experience in the semiconductor industry.  While holding positions at various firms from start-ups to large fortune 500 companies, he has been responsible for multiple product launches for silicon-based  transport and networking solutions in mainstream markets such as Telecommunication, Data Center, Cloud, Storage and Enterprise.  He is also well-versed in go-to-market strategy creation and product messaging and positioning.