Revolutionize Your ASR Capabilities with Industry-Leading Ultra-Low Latency.

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ASR Solution Highlights

2,000 concurrent real-time audio streams

20x reduction in latency (<50 ms end-to-end latency)

Competitive accuracy

Retrainable solution to any language or specialized vertical market with a provided dataset

Replaces the equivalent processing power of over 20 CPU-based servers or 15 GPU cards

Slashes CapEx by up to 90% compared to CPU-based servers

Saves millions in OpEX with cloud costs

No RTL or FPGA knowledge required

Compatible with all major deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch

AC7t1500 FPGA Device Highlights

Built on TSMC's 7nm FinFET process

692K 6-input LUTs (1,522K 4-input LUT equivalents

2,560 MLP blocks capable of 41K Int8 operations per cycle

2D Network on Chip (NoC) capable of >20 Tbps

Up to 61 TOps int8 performance

Up to 4 Tbps of GDDR6 bandwidth

Target Applications

Call Centers and customer service centers

  • Transcription
  • Voice assistants

Closed Captioning

Medical transcription

Financial transcription

Legal transcription

Body Cam transcription



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