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Explore FPGA solutions built to accelerate GenAI, Conversational AI, ML, networking, data center, and more! Unlock the full potential of data acceleration with Achronix Speedster7t FPGAs and their revolutionary 2D network on chip (NoC). With >20 Tbps ultra-high bandwidth connectivity, this technology enhances performance, reduces congestion, lowers power consumption, and simplifies logic design. Schedule a call with our data acceleration experts to explore how the Speedster7t NoC can streamline your FPGA designs, providing a 40% reduction in logic resources and compile time compared to traditional FPGA routing. Discover the future of data acceleration today.

FPGA-Powered AI Accelerator

Stay ahead of evolving AI algorithms. Choose the Achronix Speedster7t FPGA on a VectorPath accelerator card for a top-tier real-time speech-to-text solution. With superior accuracy, low latency, and scalability, it outperforms generic libraries. Developed in collaboration with, it's cost-effective, user-friendly, and supports multiple languages. Deploy in the cloud or on-premises for data security and control, replacing the need for multiple servers and reducing costs.

FPGA-Powered SmartNICs

The demand for high-performance networking is growing exponentially. Achronix Accelerated Network Infrastructure Code (ANIC), powered by Speedster7t FPGAs, is at the forefront of delivering this demand. ANIC is a suite of flexible FPGA IP blocks optimized to accelerate high-performance networking pipelines and supports 400 GbE and PCIe Gen 5.0. With ANIC, Achronix empowers data center operators, cloud service providers, and telecommunications companies to rapidly create SmartNIC solutions with unprecedented performance, scalability, and flexibility.

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