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Card Highlights

PCI SIG certified to support PCIe Gen5 x16 host interface

QSPF-DD and QSFP56 cages supporting 400 GbE and 200 GbE

16 GB GDDR6: 8 banks, 2 independent 16-bit channels/bank

One bank DDR4-2666 with ECC, (up to 4 GB)

Flash memory for Storing FPGA

1PPs and 10 MHz reference clock front panel inputs

USB port access to BMC, USB-JTAG USB-UART, second USB for daisy chaining

Board management controller (BMC) and Achronix Tool Suite included

PCIe driver, libraries, board monitoring and reference designs included

AC7t1500 FPGA Device Highlights

Built on TSMC's 7nm FinFET process

692K 6-input LUTs (1,522K 4-input LUT equivalents)

2,560 Machine learning processors tightly coupled with BRAM72k and LRAM2k memory blocks

Two-dimensional NoC capable of >20 Tbps

Up to 61 TOps int8 performance

Up to 4 Tbps of GDDR6 bandwidth

Target Applications


Designed to address the most demanding compute-intensive applications

  • Voice recognition/search
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Image recognition
  • Recommendation engines
  • Genomics
  • High-frequency trading


QSFP-DD and QSFP56 ports cater to a wide range of high-speed network applications

  • DPI
  • Network monitoring
  • Server disaggregation
  • Load balancing
  • Firewall
  • Virtual machines


High-performance data reporting and data processing applications

  • Database acceleration
  • Deduplication
  • Erasure coding
  • Compression
  • Search

Sensor Processing

Optimize for your specific application requirements using GPIO and SerDes expansion ports

  • Weather forecasting
  • Oil exploration
  • Radar
  • Load balancing
  • Medical imaging
  • Data recorders

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