Learn How FPGA-based PCIe Cards Can Accelerate Your Applications

Learn How FPGA-based PCIe Cards Can Accelerate Your Applications

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage FPGA-based PCIe accelerator cards to achieve 10-100x increase in performance vs. CPU-only based solutions for compute, network, storage and sensor processing applications.

See how off-the-shelf FPGA-based accelerator cards can deliver increased efficiency and operational agility while reducing your time to market. You’ll get a technical deep dive on the latest FPGA accelerator card from Achronix and Bittware, which offers 400G Ethernet, 8 GDDR6 external memory interfaces to provide 4 Tbps aggregate bandwidth, PCIe Gen3 connectivity and OCuLink expansion ports.

You will also learn about the new Speedster®7t FPGA and how its innovative network-on-chip (NoC) can simplify design and provide >20Tbps data transmit bandwidth

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand why FPGA based accelerator cards are being adopted now by companies like Microsoft and Amazon for their data centers
  • Know how to leverage this technology when developing high-performance compute and acceleration functions for your AI, ML, networking and data center applications
  • Get technical details on the VectorPath™ PCIe accelerator card

Presented by:

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Steve Mensor - Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Achronix

Steve has over 25 years in senior management roles in the FPGA industry. Prior to joining Achronix, Steve was Sr. Director of Marketing at Altera where he was responsible for FPGA Product Marketing, Customer and Channel Marketing, IP Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, and Corporate Marketing. During Steve's tenure at Altera, his contributions and leadership helped Altera grow its revenue from fifty million dollars per year to over two billion dollars per year. Steve holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and a BSEE from UC Santa Barbara.

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Craig Petrie - Vice President of Marketing, BittWare

Having programmed his first FPGA in 1997, Craig started his career at Nallatech UK as an FPGA Engineer before going on to lead product management and strategy for the company. Craig currently serves as Vice President of Marketing at BittWare which is part of the Molex group of companies. Craig holds a Masters Degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering with Business from the University of Strathclyde, UK.