Paramount to 6G's success is a network that allows for fast communication in the terahertz spectrum.

There is no doubt that 6G will bring great changes to the world of connectivity, enabling revolutionary use cases. However, the road to getting there may be challenging. A new generation of networks is not built overnight, they are gradually upgraded in line with standards and specifications which will deliver greater speeds and connectivity. In the case of 6G, some commonly cited technological challenges include the openness of networks, aggregated network functions, and a lack of automation. How can vendors and other industry players collaborate to create an open interface that allows for the buildout of an open end-to-end network? What role will cloud-native applications and infrastructure play in allowing for containerized resources to be utilized as needed? And how can we make use of machine intelligence to ensure our networks are highly efficient?

Join our Director of Product Marketing, Colin Alexander, as he answers these questions and more.